Auditory is based on the scrutiny of some process, mechanism or sector, to see what is its performance or level of compliance. Audits have always been considered as the review and control of the economic situation of the company, to know what things go wrong, what things are going well and how it can be improved in any of the key points of the company. Audit, it is understood as well, how to submit the accounts of a company an inspection to know how the company is currently to know where it should go from that moment.

 Objetive of the Auditory


There are different objectives for Auditing and this represents different processes that are carried out to control the different processes of the company and see how they are developing:.

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Know the current and exact situation of the company in general or something specific.

Give credibility and confidence to potential investors or financial entities.

Detect frauds that are being committed in the company.

Check the legality of all products and actions.

Detect technical errors that are being made.

Gather as much information as possible to make decisions that improve performance.

What we do?

We currently carry out these inspections in many aspects of a company such as engineering, product quality, process or service, production line, etc. That is to say, that controls can be carried out in any sector of the company in particular, or in some area from which one wants to obtain a photograph that represents the current moment, to know if things are being done well or if some aspect can be improved.