It helps companies improve performance standards in the delivery of their services. The certifications give prestige to your brand, boosts the potential for continuous improvement of your company, including internal cost controls, and facilitates the support of your company's key interest groups for good practices. 

Depends on the certification that the company needs, this is valid where it is demonstrated for example having a complete and implemented quality control system, and this means that the specifications of the corresponding standard are met.

The certification programs include the following elements:

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  • Specialized training between the provision of services and the needs of the client.

  • Implementation of best practices to establish processes in your organization aligned to the certification.

  • Training for the development of customer requirements and in the formulation of service provision criteria.

  • Development of criteria by the client.

  • Public validation of these criteria by an independent committee.

  • Composed by service users, suppliers and accredited sector experts.

  • Audits in accordance with the criteria for providing the service (through system audits, buyers, observation, interviews, review of documents, etc.).

  • Preparation of reports (disagreements, improvement opportunities, etc.) and issuance of an official certificate.  

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