An outsourcing or implant service involves hiring a company or specialized firm to obtain support for activities that you do not specialize in your business or need more specialists quickly.   

In the case of outsourcing, the traditional model is one in which remote support is given to the facilities that are requested to solve a problem, in an agreed minimum response time.  However, today there is an implant model, that is, engineers within the facilities aligned with the objectives of your company but belonging to our group of specialists.

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Our implant service involves the incorporation on a temporary basis of one or several specialized consultants. These people can work in the client's offices or those of our company, working with the client's systems and processes, using their technological resources and their tools.

These services are indicated for companies in which the business demands a peak of work or high growth projects and needs to deal efficiently with specialized resources.


The advantages:


The incorporation of a resource with the appropriate training and experience almost immediately.

Knowledge of the specific sector in which the client is framed.

Accustomed to working with technological platforms that will bring efficiency from the first minute of its incorporation.

Greater closeness to the client when the consultant is on SITE, collaborating with the work team, so there is a decrease in the learning curve periods.

Methodologically, it is involved in all the work workflow of the process, which may vary depending on the client's requirements.


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Immediate disposition: The requirements, profile and experience of the specialist are specified so that the analysis among a wide group of specialists is quick.

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Incorporation of a consultant technician with the necessary experience and training for the performance of the position to cover: This is key to determine the degree of suitability of the service. The form of role / function and responsibilities that should - or may - assume the external consultant is traced.

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The specialist is not alone: ​​Another aspect to consider if we want the service to be of quality. The professional placed at the disposal of the company will be the executing arm and visible face for the client, but behind, will have experience and coaching of professionals from the external consultant who can provide all the support you need.

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Profitability: The absorption of an implant service by an external consultant allows saving the costs derived from direct contracting. The cost of training, trial period, etc. it is avoided by reducing costs to the company.