Technology is the number-one differentiator for businesses today and that will only accelerate in the years to come as even more powerful innovations take hold. The most successful businesses today are combining cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and IoT with disruptive IT architecture and supercharged talent to create entirely new ways of working – and they already see the benefits.
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Technologies for Critical infrastructures
Those facilities, networks, services and equipment whose interruption may have a significant impact on the health, safety or economic well-being of citizens, are what we understand as critical infrastructure.
The Internet of things (IoT) 
describes the network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet
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Protecting the people involves a combination of physical and logical security. Physical security keeps them safe by allowing only authorized individuals into the building. Logical security protects their computers and data from unauthorized access.

Corporate Asset Management

Aging infrastructure, low growth and increasingly sophisticated demands from regulators and other stakeholders are creating a perfect storm, which is placing conventional maintenance and capital planning practices under pressure. 

Many utilities are looking to recent developments in asset management best practices, most notably the new ISO 55000 standard. The essence of this standard is value realization from assets—ensuring that the right things are being done right, and that these activities support your organization's strategic objectives.
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Finance and the Future of IT

As enterprises become more agile, financial operations will need to support new modes of working. That means CIOs and CFOs will need to explore how a new, flexible approach to enterprise finance - across budgeting, contracting, capital planning, and more - can redefine the future of tech innovation.

 To make sense of the vast number of technology prospects, the report has grouped them by influencing macro force and anticipated time horizon. The resulting view is neither exhaustive nor precise, but it does convey our belief that today’s realities can offer a glimpse of tomorrow’s possibilities.

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